3rd Green 3rd Green

Honorary Life Members

2018Brent Gough2018Long-time General Manager & Chief Operating Officer
2017Joe McMeekan1967Honorary President / 50+ year Member / great Club supporter
2017Dennis Oldknow1973Director / Tournament Chair of CPGA event / served as a Director of BCGA & Senior Rules Official
2016John Buchanan1984 2017Honorary President / SFU Golf Team Coach / great Club supporter
2016Charlie Charlton19572018President / 50+ year Member
2015Gary Moser2015Club Champion / Director / LRP Chair during the build of the VGC Reservoir
2015Lydia Ko20152012 CN Canadian Women’s Open Champion @ VGC / 2015 CP Women’s Open Champion @ VGC
2014Gary Puder1965Very distinguished golfer / many time Club Champion / Past President / Honorary President
2014Violet Third1964Past Ladies Captain / 50+ year Member / Honorary President
2014Joe Turner1950 2018Distinguished golfer / 50+ year Member
2012Ralph Pearce19622013Honorary President / Captain
2010John Chesman1984President 3 times / Major sponsorship of Club Tournaments
2008Eric Hedlund19742009President
2002Ray Dodson1964Long-time Assistant Pro / Head Pro
2002Bonita (Somers) McAlpine1950Distinguished golfer
2000A.G. (Tony) Pare19632008Coquitlam historian
2000F.P. (Frank) Trotto19642003-04Club President
1998Dr. J.E. (John Graham)19602002-03President / Honorary President / character
1997J.A. (Josie) Chapple19532018Very distinguished golfer / Totem Winner 1970 / Honorary President
1996Stan T. Burt19591997Multiple-time Chair of numerous tournaments, including the LPGA & Senior Du Maurier events / Club President
1994A.E. (Eric) Barratt19542000-01Ball retriever
1994M.J. (Mal) Hughes19512004Club President
1994W.C. (Bill) Parsons19511995-96Club President
1994F.A. (Frank) Proctor19452007Distinguished golfer, many time Club Champion
1994J.E. (Gene) Roy1934??
1994H.A. (Howie) Stancombe19571995-96
1994G.S. George “Sonny” Williams19751996-97Philanthropist
1994K.S. (Kay) Fenton19451977-98
1994Mrs. D. (Flo) Heritage19482010Many time Women’s Champion; started Tee Shots newsletter
1992W.J. (“Mushroom Wally”) Peters19581992-93President
1991Walt McAlpine19501999-00Distinguished golfer, President, etc.
1988Al Nelson1951Distinguished Pro
1987Herb Heaton19601996-97
1986Mrs. I.L. (Joe) Hambly19851996-97Co-chair Senior PGA
1986M.A. (Milt) Hambly19851994-95Tournament co-chair Senior PGA 1988
1984Herb Fritz19512014Distinguished golfer, PNGA Hall of Famer; BCGA President, RCGA Governor; let contracts for 1964 clubhouse
1982Frank Cotton19311994-95Distinguished golfer / President
1980C.H. (Clay) Fitspatrick19491982-83
1980Mrs. M.M. (Mona Mae) Stevens19501991-92
1979P.R. (Perc) Bowden19501982-83
1979I. (John) Grdina19452000-01
1979Mrs. R.M.D. Darney19451985-86
1977G.O. (Owen) Armitage19331977-78
1977J.E. (Joe) Morgan19491986-87President, distinguished golfer
1977Miss A.M. (Toddie) Dockrill19501979-80
1976C.D. (Charlie) Inglis19552000-01President 3 years (around time of 1964 Clubhouse)
1976Mrs. D.E. (Dorothy) Biggs19501977-78
1975H.G. (Harold) Ponsette19351975-76
1974H.H. (Harry) Oldaker19451988-89
1973H.A. (Hal) Renwick19291973-74
1973G.R. (Gordon) Watson19451991-92
1971Mrs. C.C. (Alice) Smith19281990-91
1967W.A. (Bill) Tremaine19271973-74
1967E.M. (Manny) Gueho1967??Distinguished Superintendent and 45 year VGC employee
1964Mrs. J.B. Skattebol19311973-74
1964Don Sutherland19291990Distinguished Pro
1964Hamish Sutherland19291977Distinguished Assistant Pro
1961A.L. Lewis???1965-66President 4 years
1961L.M. (Stew) Stewart19121974-7550 year member, historian
1961E.N. Sutherland???1962-63
1959Dr. Emery C. Jones?????Many time Club President
1959A.C.S. (Cory) Noble19111969-7050 year member, Secretary Pro-Tem
1959Mavis B. (Merry) Meredith19201974-75
??C.C. (Charlie) Smith19281983-84President, Honorary President, Club championship finalist; paid Club’s taxes to save financial honorship

*from Club Roster